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Sustainables homes constructed in Great Yeldham, Essex

Welcome to Greenstead

At a time when the average housebuilder is looking to do the minimum to comply with regulation over sustainability and energy efficiency, Greenstead is demonstrating that more sustainable houses can be built in a cost and energy conscious way providing their owners with an inspiring living environment, a legacy for future generations and a shrewd investment.

Homes for Sale

We are starting work on a new project near Sudbury in Autumn 2016. Keep an eye on our website for further details...

Design & Build service

If you already own a plot and you want a Greenstead home, we can provide a quote to design and build to your own requirements. Contact us for more information.

Land required

We are always interested in new sites in Essex and Suffolk. If you have a site for sale that is suitable for small-scale development (usually up to about half an acre), with or without planning permission, then please contact us.